Prevention – Invest in Your Self

Is it exercising or eating better? Quitting addiction? Whichever it is, investing in yourself today for a better tomorrow is always an option, because in these unprecedented times, one thing you can control is what you’re showing up for. Prevention is a compassionate act towards yourself and those around you. You are giving yourself aContinue reading “Prevention – Invest in Your Self”

3 Natural Ways To Cleanse Your Lungs

It’s important to take care of your lungs as the air we breathe is filled with toxins and pollutants that take their toll. Although it can be difficult to control things such as outdoor pollution and chemicals in indoor areas, there are some things you can do to detoxify your lungs. When you follow aContinue reading “3 Natural Ways To Cleanse Your Lungs”

Self-Care Recipes

Ingredients for Self Care:  Grooming: Epsom salt bath, organic skin/hair care. Exercise: Walking counts Meditation: Every day Water: Harmonized Healthy Food: Know your sources Supportive People: Proximity is the key Expressing your Gifts Gratefulness Appreciation of Self Generosity Clear Mind Emotional Stability Mental Ease Clean environment (home, apartment) Connecting with nature on regular basis InvolvementContinue reading “Self-Care Recipes”

Rediscover Your True Nature

Your transformation is not about radically dismissing yourself, but rather becoming an improved version of yourself or rediscovering who you truly are.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of ideas you may want to consider in your rediscovering process: Reflect on the changes you want to make to rediscover yourself and the reasons why you wantContinue reading “Rediscover Your True Nature”

What to Pack Children for School Snacks and Lunches?

Choose food that provides nutritional benefits while supporting your child’s healthy growth. I like to embrace a practical approach. Making sure to stick to whole foods wherever possible, here are some variations of food combinations. Snacks Option 1 A wonderful combination of fruit that will provide all the necessary nutrients could be: Apple, pear, grapes,Continue reading “What to Pack Children for School Snacks and Lunches?”