Health Is Wealth - Katarina
Jay Shcetty Certified Coach

Certified Life Coach
Boundaries | Balance “You’re Your Own Brand”


Soul Coach Certification
“Meeting Unmet Parts of Self”

Certified Holistic Nutritional Counsultant™ | Consulting “Invest in Your Well-being”
Advocating “Well-being & Sustainability”
Author of the recipe book “Original Food”

Diploma in Applied Arts & Technology
Graphic Designer | Art Director | Creative Brand Strategist

I love listening to people’s stories. I have encountered those going through challenging times and find it comforting to open up to me about whatever they may be facing currently. Any trauma or hardships from the past can be impacting a persons’ livelihood when gone unchecked.

I have a great appreciation for life, and my passion is to inspire others to lovingly take care of themselves and the environment they live in. Inventing new recipes is my hobby. I have realized that the comfort and convenience of nourishing meals can be brought into one person’s home by obtaining a set of skills of understanding how to prepare food and choosing the right food for you and/or your family.

How important is what we choose to put in our body when it comes to food or thought is very reflective of our lives. Looking back, I have faced many hardships from difficult circumstances (war, immigration, a passenger in a car accident) to diseases (early childhood bronchial allergy, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, swelling of the fingers and toes, insomnia), which have all paved new horizons for me in respect to self-care and the expression of my gifts and talents.

I believe in the individual’s power and one’s capability to persevere, create opportunities, and maintain health at the core base of their livelihood. What you eat matters, because you matter.

Let’s get you started in the direction of empowering yourself and trusting your body.

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