Prevention – Invest in Your Self

Is it exercising or eating better? Quitting addiction? Whichever it is, investing in yourself today for a better tomorrow is always an option, because in these unprecedented times, one thing you can control is what you’re showing up for.

Prevention is a compassionate act towards yourself and those around you. You are giving yourself a gift of being present with your emotional, mental and physical body. In that you are discovering your gifts, which you can then share with your community. When in doubt, allow sustainability to be a driving force in influencing the choices you are making. When it comes to environment, do the choices comply with reduce, reuse, recycle? They’re just a few ways, but they’re a great place to start. Much can be done at home to make your place a sanctuary, and your body to work at its optimum and your mind to be a tool for you, on this journey of life. 

If prevention is about making sure you do the best on your end to revitalize yourself, that in itself is a huge help to society. 

It can be as simple as this:

ABC of healthy food, any fruit or vegetable – by increasing those in your daily intake, intermittent fasting, chewing thoroughly, taking on a challenge and quitting instant gratification drinks or processed food.

Check out my recipe page for inspirational ideas how to transition to plant eating or increase plant intake in your diet, you are worth it!

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