Saving Grace

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It is that time in your life when you got down on your knees; disease or trauma struck you down. You managed to overcome most of the grief or symptoms; you started to feel as you have risen from all that hardship. Still today, you are combating residues of the storm inside you while holding off your grace for not breaking down entirely in agony or anger.

Somewhere you feel alone, for you know very few people could understand what you are going through while others made a lot of assumptions that were not fair and you felt betrayed. You tend to withdraw into silence, you built a wall not to let disrespect enter your space, yet you know you want to be seen; after all, you are a being who is worthy of appreciation.

That dark place is not your fault; you are just taking some time off to gain strength to feel awakened again, learn who to reach out to for help, someone who can truly relate to you—empathize and listen to what you’ve got to say—provide compassion.

You are a life wanting to reach its full potential, and you would like to start now. Where do you start when you do not feel well?

You rebuild trust within yourself: with your body, your mind and emotions by establishing a long-term relationship with wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle; the true foundation you build on.

Saving Grace is your path to ensure you are following your gut instinct. The circumstance may not oblige, but you got the wings of a warrior who stands with grace for all that you will never know and for all that you love of your existence.

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