Rediscover Your True Nature

Your transformation is not about radically dismissing yourself, but rather becoming an improved version of yourself or rediscovering who you truly are. 

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of ideas you may want to consider in your rediscovering process:

  • Reflect on the changes you want to make to rediscover yourself and the reasons why you want to make them. Do you have your best interest at heart, or are you attempting to compete with this illusion of perfection?
  • Make a game plan – what do you want your future to look like, and what realistic steps are you taking to ensure those goals are met? You might want to write them down in a journal and associate concrete dates with them in a calendar. That will help you remain visually aware of how close you are to achieving them every single day.
  • Feel grateful for your present. Your positivity will feed your motivation to reinvention.
  • Remain open to learning about yourself and the world around you continually. Be open to learning new skills from your peers.
  • Surround yourself with images that reflect your vision of the future.
  • Share your plans with your loved ones so you may have a support system. If you’re active on social media, you might want to let your followers know as well.
  • Vocalizing your goals will help create accountability for yourself.
  • Look after your mental and physical health throughout your journey (exercise, sleep, hydrate, take breaks, unwind before bed, etc.).
  • You might want to look into changing your environment (where you live, where you work, etc.). And remember – you are never tied to any one place. Or if these are more affordable/realistic options for you, look into travelling/going on vacation, or working abroad and stay open-minded.
  • Change your habits, routines, hobbies, and look into finding new interests you might not have considered developing yet.
  • Meet new people and make new friends. Expand your social circle.
Do you have any personal remedies to help inspire personal re-invention?

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