Emotional Eating

There are two hormones in the body that regulate eating:
ghrelin = hunger (stimulates appetite), and leptin = satiety (reduces appetite)

When the body is in homeostasis, these two hormones function at its optimum and it is a simple way of regulating food intake.

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Emotional eating is not triggered by these hormones, rather by emotions.

Usually, emotional eating is triggered by boredom, loneliness, sadness, and perhaps the most common compulsive eating habits noted when watching TV, attending sports events or ceremonial services where food is served in abundance. Emotional eating is the culprit of developing a bad relationship with food, and instead of food being a source of energy, it becomes a lethargy source.

Curbing emotional eating

*These are only tips, and are not guaranteed to resolve the undergoing issue. Each person is unique, and as such needs an individualized nutritional plan.

Tip 1:

Clean up the cupboard, so when faced with urge to snack on something you will have only healthy options.

Tip 2:

Replace artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners such as: Unpasteurized Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, Date Paste, Molasses etc.

For healthy snacks, my recommendation is to stick to whole natural food rather than processed items.

The great news is: 

You can break this cycle at any time, you just need to want it. Embrace your own well-being over emotional rollercoaster eating; you are worth it. 

Let me know when you are ready.

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